January 27, 2009


today is my flickr birthday. i'm a whopping 2 years old!
in honor of this momentous occasion, i thought it necessary to share some of my favorite photos by other flickr people who inspire me.

the photos above belong to: charlie, amalia, troy, meghan, jenn, erica, matt, jejonem, LV, payton, brad, nikki, abeless, jon, lou, michael, emily, ralph and megan risely.

i have shared a conversation with almost every single one of these photographers and many more that i have failed to list above. some i know personally, we chat at least once a day, we crack jokes, and share ideas on every kind of topic there is under the sky. some i have mailed my prints to, we've helped each other out in art shows, and we've exchanged film tips and lighting strategies. some i know dearly as if they are a long lost friend from childhood, we've shared stories of our loves and fears, and are planning visits to meet and go shooting together...

these past two years i have been inspired by and blessed to know such an incredible community of artists, whom (if you take the time to communicate with) are amazing real-life people too! they have helped me become a better artist myself and for that i am exceedingly grateful.

please visit there work, if you get the chance.

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  1. you have become such an incredible photographer. i love seeing what you come up with next.. i love you so much bestie!