December 11, 2008

light chasers - the book!

viola! the finished product is now available on BLURB :) ONLY 12 left!

i apologize for taking my sweet ass time to finish it up. i am just a very picky person when it comes to my writing and photography, and since this book has both... well... you get the point.

any ways, it's here now! and i am so happy with it. after the presale orders i only have 12 left... and once there gone then they are gone FO-EV-A :(

i've gotten a lot of messages from flickr friends saying that they would love a copy but that they just can't afford it right now... i understand fully. i am scraping by paycheck to paycheck myself and quite frankly $40 is a lot these days, in a tanking economy. maybe the next one will be a more cost friendly photo book...

all in all i am incredibly happy with the results of this project. my goal was to make a quality polaroid book, celebrating my love affair with living in the light, and i think i acheived just that.

also, i have to say, i am just really blown away by all of your kind words, interest, and inspiration in all of this. it has definitely made all those long late nights staring at computer screen, sizing and resizing, worth it.

thank you a million times over!!!

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