November 17, 2008

the world of tomorrow

twinkle twinkle
the world of tomorrow

these polaroids are really silly actually. b and i went to epcot for the food and wine fest a few weeks ago. it was one of the most fun days i've had in a loooooooooong time. i got a real nice buzz from all the wine and also a few sweet polaroids as the sun was setting.

so this giant crazy geometric ball is the staple of epcot. i call it the giant golf ball. it was once part of a really old cheesey ride called "the world of tomorrow". i just love the shapes and design of it. i was really thrilled when lou obedlam blogged it on his site. lou is an amazing photographer, so just to hear that he enjoyed this photo means a lot.

also, in the world of my tomorrow is the finishing of my book. light chasers. the photos are done, the cover is finished, the print is almost complete! i'm just really excited to put something out there that i am proud of. i know it's taken me ages to finish, it's taken me away from shooting, and from updating my flickr and blogs, but it was sooooo worth it.

i will be posting the cover this week with additional information on pricing and ordering. yaaaaaaaaaay!

*sx 70, 600 film.


  1. Well done for the book. I can't wait for the details to come out!

  2. i really love the clarity in this picture. maybe it's because i'm used to polaroids being fairly washed out (blank stare) or seeing my parent's old photos and the poor resolution. it's similar to the way you're ashtonished (as am I) about the clarity of those old turn of the century photos. I'd love to see more, specifically something more victorian :)