November 28, 2008

i believe in taking chances

i believe in taking chances

i have been consumed with work lately. recently i was promoted to my dream job - education and programming coordinator for my museum. so instead of doing boring desk work i get to help people. i go out into the community and work with those who are less fortunate. mostly i get to go to schools who have lost their funding in the arts and i teach them about art. seeing those shining, smiling, faces beam with love because they know that someone believes in them and because they feel creative and special, able to take on the world, chances and all, is the most rewarding thing of all.

the transition hasn't been easy. i am basically creating this department by myself with absolutely no resources. this requires overtime, nearly every single night, 6 days a week. it's exhausted me, mentally, physically, and creatively... but i think that's the beauty of it. when you throw so much of yourself in something you truly care about you get to make the most difference and not just in the job, but also in yourself.

MacBook isight + Fuji disposable. Scanner Photo Stitching.

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  1. Man, that's great Colie. I recently got to work on a teaching project for elementary school kids for honors credit at school. It felt so great to dialog with those beaming faces about art (and it was in lieu of writing a paper, so that was nice).

    You know that moment where you leap from that strange apprehension of "Will they or won't they like it" to "Hooray, they like it"? That feeling where you realize it's no sweat and they love you just for talking to them? I wish for you many many more moments just like that.