July 19, 2008

lake okeechobee FL


that is how i feel about my most recent polaroids.

this TZ film has translated my experiences into something surreal and haunting. i don't know what i think about this. i am unaccustomed to the power and agenda's of expired film.

imagine taking a polaroid of a sunshiny beautiful tunnel of trees - with green and yellow bursting through the shadows and it turning out like this.

or of a light filled room, casting a warm glow on everything it touches, even the floating dust in the air looks like specks of gold, but the polaroid decides it should be like this.

i am not convinced that TZ is my favorite film, like so many others are. in a way i feel cheated from the truth of the moment.

i know this is partly do to the fact that i am slightly a control freak.... and there is something to be said for letting go of the reins and giving the TZ film the creative control to do what it is known for doing - making beautiful surprises encased in silvers and blues and sometimes blurring the moment into complete oblivian.

the polaroid above and the other lake okeechobee shot weren't completely highjacked by TZ affects. the fog and overexposure is actually pretty accurate to the moment of the shot (very early in the am).

**in both lake okeechobee shots i used my sx 70 alpha and expired TZ (1998).

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