July 22, 2008

american girl

this photo was taken by my step dad, kurt. yes, that is me with the long and STRAIT blonde hair!!! dotingly staring at my mother, teresa.

i love this picture for obvious reasons - my mom looks super chic, it's vintage, and it's skillfully done...

but! what i love most about this photo is the story behind it.

apparently, we were on a family road trip in ohio when "american girl" by tom petty and the heartbreaker's came on the radio. my mom insisted we stop the car and get out onto the side of the road and dance. so we did.

can you imagine driving by and seeing this!!!

my mom and i are so similar that we don't even see it most of the time.

the more i live and grow to know her, the more i see her in me and myself in her.

she is my hero and i love this photo.


  1. great snapshot. at first glance, one would wonder why you weren't looking at the camera...but upon closer observation...it becomes obvious...you're looking to your mom to see how to pose...and that's, well, it's simply darling.

    "...out on 441....like waves crashin' on the beach..."

  2. wow that photo! like so much! and that story...
    ciao Luis