March 27, 2008


i'm warm in a cold city because it is mine. maybe not for forever, but just for now. which suits me fine.

i walk round and round till blisters form on my toes and heels, till my legs ache with pain, till i've got nowhere else to go, but 16th street and wazee. back.

i eat and read and meet kind faces. i learn how to make use of waisted time. i smile at strangers and take polaroids of steam coming up from the manholes. i forget about myself.

i feel like i've known this place before. maybe in another life. maybe somewhere in the back of my mind i have always been preparing myself for denver. a city alive. home to the enlightened. a place to become something that merits virtue. an adroit community of life livers, progressively pushing towards an honest aesthetic - braving the pursuits of a living, breathing Arcadia.
4 more days.

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  1. Ive always liked your Polaroids on your Flickr.
    Keepin it alive!