November 29, 2007

bee stings and such

today has been pretty busy and i am thankful for that. days like this i aspire to be occupied. idle minds tend to reminisce. OH GOD PLEASE KEEP ME BUSY!

surprisingly work has been pretty good. i'm finally getting some legit assignments, such as developing an outreach project for elementary art students. i had a really good lunch break too. i walked across the street to loch haven park and ate an apple and read a chapter in 13 moons. i sat under this huge oak tree and got stung by a bee on my arm. i wasn't even mad about it. in fact, i didn't even know what it was at first. i just rubbed the tiny bump and thought to myself "i've felt this feeling before but what is it?" then it got me thinking about when i was last stung by a bee, which i've figured out to be 12 yrs! on my walk back to the museum i decided that nostalgia isn't always a waste of time.

i got a 2nd job at ten thousand villages. they promote fare trade and support artists and rural communities all over the world. my heart tells me to stay in nonprofit. there's just no greater feeling then knowing that what you do every single day makes a difference in someone's life. plus, the people who work there are incredible. they are nearly saints and you can't help but to want to be around them all the time. hopefully all this goodness will overshadow the fact that i will be working 7 days a week now.

it's no secret that time's are tough for me right now. i'm struggling to support myself, to pay bills on time, to buy groceries more than once a month, and to be able to afford enough gas to get me back home for the holidays. it's actually really depressing if i think about it for too long. it could be worse though, or at least i keep telling myself that. i am thankful and am trying to find the blessings in this struggle. either way, i'll push through it somehow. i always do.

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